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Turbo Manifold

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I just bought a Bluebird turbo manifold and T28, according to what the guy i bought it from says. The intake outlet faces foward. I was wondering how to tell the difference between the U12/U13 and GTi-R manifolds, and what turbos came on what? And how do you tell what turbo it is, like numbers on the housings? All I know is the A/R is .80 . Any info/pics would greatly appreciated.
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Wow, first you have to get it all straight. THe U12 and U13 are Bluebird motors that came with a T25. THe GTi-R motor has the T28. Usually the T28 has clearance issues, if i remember correctly, when bolted onto the BB manifold.

The T25 and T28 all face upwards for their top mount IC setups, the avenir turbo on the other hand did face outward but that is a W11 setup.

As far as numbers go. The GTiR turbo has the number 14411-54C00 on the bearing housing tag. The turbine housing is a .86 A/R and the comp is a .60A/R. I believe that the T25 turbo's are a .64 A/R turbine and .80 A/R comp.
Would the W11 Avenir and Bluebird have the same exhaust manifold and same T25? How do you tell the difference between the U12/U13 manifolds. I know what the GTi-R manifold looks like and I know that it flows way more than the BB, but I hear that the U13 manifold flows slightly more than the U12 does. Is this true and is there a way to tell which is which? So, from what you guys have told me is that I more than likely have a T25 (A/R .80 comp) from an Avenir (forward facing intake outlet). Any info or pics would be appreciated.
The W11 is a better designed unit, but the Turbos wit in the same spot.

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