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u12 det motor <30 k miles, bearings and all seals changed at 19k
1000 shipped anywhere in 48 states

jwt ecu (72 lb msd, cobra maf, 3 bar program)
looking for $550 on this
no waiting
reprogramming cost $100 and they do it asap

s4 cams (new)
500 shipped new sealed

JGYBB37 - TO4B New bolts onto included manifold and fits the three inch downpip
from jgy ( TO4B Compressor housing with 56 trim GT35 compressor wheel. 44lbs/min air flow. .86 AR T2 exhaust housing with 76 trim GT25 turbine wheel. Good for 400+HP and bolts on to SR20DET manifolds and downpipes. Internal Wastegate. This turbo is almost identical to the gt2871R, but we use a To4B cover with a 2.75" inlet instead of the 3" inlet on the gt2871R. this allows the intake to fit the turbo without the block squishing the coupler.)

3 inch manderal bent downpipe
1250 shipped

slightly less then jgy price
but who wants to deal with jgy
you cant be sure how long they will take

Custom steel fuel rail (new)

blow off vavle turbo xs 110 decibels!

greddy rocker arm stoppers (new)
Please make all offers on my thread
dont fill my pm box
i am not a very motivated seller so low balls will definitly be ignored
i may be boosting sometime next year
so whatever i doesnt sell goes in my car
and if i stay na some still will

i ship very quick and have a steller feedback and selling rep on
please check therandyo156 thread in the feedback section
after receiving your parts as expected please leave me a feedback
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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