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Well today I decided to start gathering information on my turbo project for my 91 se-r I just sold my nitrous kit , so I could start funding the project , so here is how day 1 went.
1.Called JWT about their turbo kit said they weren't putting one together right now they were finishing up a kit for 99-00 G20 told me I should call Fmax
2. Called f-max and got a price on the stage one kit for 91se-r $4110 I said whoa WTH? That is high as crap!!!!!
3. Called SOKO got a price on a DET figured I could take off turbo, manifold,IC and bolt on my DE , freshen DET internals for later transplant. Got a price of $1500 , freight 125
4. Called SOKO back was real close to ordering at this point wanted to get more info on motor as follows (a.) He did not know what it was out of GTi-R etc. (b) No ecu , no harness, (c) Intercooler was no good busted (d)Guaranteed (motor) but not Turbo? WTH? doesn't seem like a good deal now
5. Called Turbonetics on ball bearing t-25 said they didn't make a t-25 in BB any longer asked price on regular T-25 $1000 WTH? seems steep to me.
6. Called local junk yards to find the following Conquest IC=none 91-98 Eclipse IC=none Found some off a 94Z they wanted $500 for them and he thought one was hit
So the first day did not go well for me I saw a guy on here selling Brian Glidewell selling DETS for 1500 anyone know him? Don't want to get taken some people on these boards can be crafty, hope this board is different Any advice , help would be welcome I have been doing research on and such just need direction from guys who have done this upgrade Thanks Travis.

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Yup turbo kits are expensive. Dose SOKO sell just the turbos and manifolds? Now that would be something to look into.

All I can say is be patient if your going to piece it together. Find someone who's up grading their turbo and buy it from them. Make you own IC piping. And go to a diffrent junk yard! local places around here are selling eclips ic's for cheap money $20-$50.


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I too have been researching a custom turbo for my Ga16. E-bay has a lot of IC's and used turbo's for sale! Most of the IC's are less than $100 and there are even some nicer ones on there! Also you can try to look for specific vehicles, like the Conquest/Starion! Good luck.


Damn thats alot 1000 bucks for a T2.5.. **** i sold mine for 100 bucks off my bb.. and get new rebuilt turbos for 350.. and work Great! Turbonetics isnt the only place you have to go to get a turbo...
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