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Okay guys, save me here.

1992 Sentra SE-R

this issue is on the left side only (drivers), the right side operates flawlessly.

-low beam doesnt ever work on drivers side, hi beam does
-turn signals work just fine when headlights are off
-when headlights are on, the tail light/brake light begins to flash instead of the turn signal light.
When the headlights are on, and I signal left (as the tail light begins to flash instead of the turn signal) if I then press the brakes while the left signal is on and the headlights are on, the green flasher indicator on my dash goes dim and stops flashing, as do the left lights. so its light hitting the brakes shorts out my left turn signal while its on...

My gauge cluster illuminates, the dummie lights work fine, dimmer works fine, BUT the gas gauge, fuel gauge and tach are DEAD and do not work at all.

Maybe its all related to the cluster? maybe its a short? I really dont know... But I bet Im not the first...

It has Tsuru headlights, although no wiring has been done, they just zip tied the original bulbs into the tsuru housings without messing with the wiring. It also has 93/94 outer tail lights, again, theyre just plugged in, no wiring has been messed with.
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