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Im posting this on behalf of Marvin, please send any questions you have directly to him:

Okay, here's is the scoop, if you haven't already got it. I have talked with
Gilbert of Place Racing and I got some additional info about shipping costs
and colors in stock. As of right now, shipping is going to be CHEAP. For
example, I'm in Virginia, and he's shipping from Cali, and he told me it
would be $9.98 for shipping. He's cutting out the costs of handling, and
just charging for package. Intially, with the invoice, it might appear that
everyone is theoretically paying 15 bucks no matter where you are, but it
will be cheaper. We talked it over, and what it comes down to with shipping
is that it's the cheapest part of the order you'll dish out, after you get
the 25% discount for 15 order minimum. Let me tell you guys, this guy knows
his ****! I was very very surprised at his customer service, and how he
listened to my questions very throughly rather than talk over me or treat me
like I was stupid.

Okay, for the colors. This might disappoint some people, but then again,
some will be pleased. They have LOTS of colors and intakes in stock, so if
they have yours already, then you're good, they will ship as soon as the
order has been paid for. If they're not in stock with your color and intake,
what Place Racing does for a living is make engine mounts. What that means
to you is that the do them in four colors..yellow, blue, red, and silver,
with silver being the most popular color. They do a color a week. Right now,
they just got done with yellow, they are doing red, then going back a week
to do something, I can't remember for the life of me, then procede to make
silver. As for blue, I didn't ask, but I will email Gilbert as soon as
possible on that. For instance, Greg's CAI will more than likely not get
shipped, let's say at this week's end, if the order is placed, till around 3
weeks from now, but his final costs will be in the neighborhood of $170.
Now, think about the R&D placed on the product. I think it's going to be
well worth the wait. If anyone hasn't seen pics of the PR CAI, and Russ'
installation, you'll see that this is a great product to purchase.

What else do I have to tell you all.....I went ahead and verified most
people's application, but I still need to know specifically on:

Edward Pawlowicz's 1994 Classic

Forgive me for asking, but is a Classic an SE-R, GXE, XE, E, can anyone
enlighten this B14-15 gen guy out!?

Okay, the color of your choices are:

Myself- Red
Kyle- Yellow
Gene- Red (What a great choice there Gene..
Tim- Silver/Blue
Andrew- Blue
Francesca- Silver
Ed- ?
Michael- Red/Silver
Ricky- ?
Rodel- ?

If you on this list right here, I have you down as FIRM. Please, if you want
out, now is the time to tell me, because I would hate for us not to get our
deal. I also have a few people behind:

1) Sparkly (I need info, I have you listed as FIRM)
2) Locotone ( " ")
3) Larry (You in or out dude? =))
4) Chip (What do you say bud?) finalize this all out, I'll get in contact individually to set
things straight. Thanks so much, and please feel free to contact me for any
questions. You will not be able to pay till I send the list and Place Racing
emails you the invoice. Please do not contact Place Racing for questions
that I can answer. They are very very busy, I know, I was on hold forever.
You may contact them at any time after you have been sent your invoice for
method of payment. Thanks again guys, and take care.


P.S. I also talked with Gilbert about the AEM Bypass Valve. He told me that
it was well worth the buy, and AEM carries a 3" size for our applications. I
have a name and number to call for a possible group buy (15 sounds good,
right? lol). Please let me know if you are interested. Also, check out
April's issue of Sport Compact Car on the AEM Bypass Valve. Drive safe.

Greg Taylor
96 SE-R w/ stuff
My Page

I sent you an E-Mail borguesian, because I haven't a clue who Marvin is....If you would like to forward my mail, please feel free!

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I will forward your email to him. Just disregard my response. In the future just email him directly. He is just a fellow Sentra owner.
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