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So if you want part of the group deal join up now!

So far we have a total of 26 people! Very good! This shifter is a great deal folks. I have seen people say they have gotten them cheaper from Apex and I just called them myself. There asking $129 for them and thats for the Pacesetter. Now remember this, the price in the group deal below is SHIPPED! You are getting the shifter probably for $90-95 + 6 bucks whatnot for shipping! This is a awesome deal. If you are interested please email me below in the GD part!

Maxima 2000 - Yes, but the shifter is the Sentra shifter which has been
tested by SMC in the 2000 Maxima and he's had great results of people really
liking it, so as they aren't making the exact oem copy of the Maxima
shifter, the Sentra shifter works just fine and people like it.

Here is a list of people so far on it!

Russell Zotz 2000 Sentra SE
CampBell 1996 200sx SE-R
Delio M. DeMoura 1998 Maxima
Joel Silverman 1998 Sentra SE
Zane (Gmoney) 1991 Maxima SE
Ray Kawski 1998 Sentra SE
Dan Crouch 1993 Maxima SE
Andy Kunkle 1991 Sentra SE-R
Chris Bryant 1998 Sentra SE
Sylvester Prusik 2000 Maxima GXE
Chris Chinn
Nhat Nguyen 1995 Maxima
Wayne Kresher 1993 SE-R Sentra
Andreas Rodriguez 1996 Maxima SE
Jordan White 1991 Sentra SE-R
Nick mccollom 1993 NX-2000
Tommy Chang 1993 Sentra SE-R
Rick Zotz 2000 Sentra SE
Steven Kwan 2000 Maxima SE
Jorge Bermudez 1996 200sx SE-R
Andy Kunkle 1991 Sentra SE-R
Tim Rogers 1993 NX-2000
n/a 1991 Maxima SE
Marc Ciardiello 1996 200sx SE-R
Chris Korkidis 1996 Maxima GXE
Matthew Pelto 1998 Maxima GXE

Group Deal info!
Some info off about these shifters to tell you more.

This shifter is unique in the fact that its motion ratio can be adjusted by
moving its pivot ball up and down. You can pick any ratio from slightly less
throw than stock, to a Hewland-race-box-like super-short throw. We picked
about 2/3 of minimum throw for reasonably short, crisp shift action. The SMC
shifter's pivot ball is made of self-lubricating delrin, giving it a smooth
OEM-like action. With the SMC shifter, the shifting now feels more direct,
like a RWD internal linkage box instead of your typical rubbery FWD
transaxle feel. The shifter rod is slightly shorter than stock, about 2/3 of
an inch, and is chrome plated.

RETAILS: $190.95


They'll all be the same prices which are

1-8 $130.95 Shipped in the US.
8+ $102.00 Ea. Shipped in the US.

Most Sentras / 200sx from '89-'00 (Yes the 2000 Model)
Maximas from '89-'99
Altimas from '93-'97

If interested please email me at [email protected] with your model, year, name, and email address so we can add you to the list of the group deal. I will keep everyone posted on how many we get twice a week and when the deal will end.
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