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Okay guys the deal will be for the following Powerstop Cross Drilled Rotors and Axxis Brake Pads. I have gotten all the prices with the following part numbers. Some of you may have asked about the AD22VF rotors and pads and I have that information as well also. Please contact me if you are interested in this deal. I can give prices via email along with part numbers. So far I have 5 people and I need a total of 10 to get the volume discount. Please guys act fast so we can get this deal moving and get the orders sent out ASAP. If we can get 20 or more people we can save a lot. Only with your effort guys we can have a super deal. Please contact me via email with the subject line Rotors/Pads Group Deal

..on AIM = NyceP26
97 200SX SE-R
PR CAI,JWT ECU (with correct timing now @ 15TDC),91 INTAKE CAM,

If you want I can see if I can get a better price than what you got. I have about 5-6 distributors that carry the rotors and pads. The more we get the better the price. If you let me know which part#'s and price i will see what I can do. I am running them on my 1991 SE-R. Let me know.
Craig Damaschi

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