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Upper strut mount...

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...cause a bad vibration when turning? I have made a few posts in the last couple weeks involving suspension woes, and I have replaced everything other than strut mounts, wheel bearings, and wheels. Oh, and motor mounts which all look good ezxcept for the dogbone. Its like my slignment is off and I have a bad vibration when turning, or driving straight at low speeds. I dont have any movement in the strut if I try to shake it, but its an option. ideas? Josh
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you say that it makes noise in low gears at lower speeds... and when turning.. sound like the upper motor mount is bad.. have seen this about 20 times in the past 6 years
Might be the wheel bearings. I had a similar symptom when my wheel bearing went out on the drivers side. I read on here there was a test you can do to see if the wheel bearing is going out. Jack the car up until the front wheels are off of the ground. Grab the wheel with both hands; one on top and one on bottom, and try to shake it forward and backward. If it shakes, or you get any wiggling, the bearing may need replacing. Whether this is actually a credible method of troubleshooting a shot wheel bearing - I dont know. Hope this helps!
Well, I have tried that with both sides, and there is no slop. I am just going to replace the entire spindle, and since Uncle Sam was good to me this year, put in ALL new rubber/bushings. Maybe even a set of wheels too...Josh
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