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Be sure when doing it you cover plug up the tips at the end. You could even try and sand it down a bit get some high temp primer and coat that first. I was thinking about doing that, but I thinkk powdercoating will work much better. Good luck on it. Oh BTW when are you doing the 91 cam? I smell a mini geek out in your back yard

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dude i wanna do the cam on like thurs or fri. thats when im gonna do the valve cover too. i think itll be easier if its not on the car. i hope to have a CAI to put on by then too. I got some engine enamel at autobarn today. it has ceramic. I got some engine brite too. Teh engine bay looks like crap and its bothering me. cheers

Bro, go to a Discount Autoparts, Pepboys, or Autozone and pick up some high temp engine paint. I used the 500 degree paint with ceramic in it. Its still glossy as hell.
You don't need the 1500 degree paint for a valve cover. Its about 3-5 dollars.
Wal-mart has some too.
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