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I applogize in advance if this has been covered. I've searched and can't find the answer. First let me say I am new to these boards and Nissans. I saw a NX driving down the road the other day was hit with "What the hell is that?" and have been reading about them ever since. I am absolutely in love with these cars, lol. My current plan is to get a car and run it in autocross. I plan to start out a season or two in STS class to get a feel for the car, and then do a swap and push out some big HP numbers for SM class. I know I plan to run a SR20VE+T when it is all said and done. The question is what is the better route to get to that point.
Is it better to get a SR20DET and swap on the VE head, or is it better to get a SR20VE and add a turbo to it. I have seen a ton of posts comparing and arguing between the DET and VE but none talking about which is better when looking at building a VE+T. I figure the DET will offer the benefit of being already build for a turbo, but there is extra work involved in adding the VE head (the one sticky on this conversion is great). The other way around the VE motor would be programmed already to use the VE head, but the extra work comes in building it for a turbo and adding the turbo. I am thinking the better option is DET with a VE head swap.
What do you guys with experience think?

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if you wanna go the cheaper route just get a det. ve along cost almost the same amout of a det and you'll start off with more power!! im sure there are alot of post about this topic on this'll be suprised what you can learn on here. good luck!

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Autocrossing? VE+T would be way too much power to keep it under you while you're dodging cones. So, let's try something a little more realistic:

I would suggest a bolted-up SR20DE, or a VE if you've got the cash. N/A engines are much easier to modulate at part throttle, so you're not constantly having to decide between going frustratingly slow and roasting tires, making on/off throttle transitions and the tighter courses a little less disheartening. Anyways, options:

Option 1 - SR20DE w/ bolt ons
Some SR20DE cars have reasonable compression (sometimes, if you're lucky, 10:1) and have a whole host of bolt-ons that apply to them. The beginnings would be:
  • Intake - Hotshot or Place Racing if you can find it
  • Headers - SS Autochrome w/ 2.5" tubes, or Hotshot Generation 5 or 6
  • Exhaust - 2.5" or 3" - the GReddy SP or SP2 is nice, and sounds great.
That, with some suspension (Hyperco springs w/ AGXes and Progress swaybars) will give you a car that should be reasonably competitive in SM2, STS, and maybe even CSP* if you're lucky. Cams and an ECU would be a great way to add a little more oomph - and Jim Wolf Tuning's S3 or S4 cams would be what you'd want.

Option 2 - SR20VE
An SR20VE should be plenty of fun, but that requires a substantial initial investment (e.g.: engine = +$1600) and you'd have to get:
  • Exhaust manifold - most aftermarket manifolds don't match the VE so well.
  • ECU - if I recall correctly, the DE ecu could work, but, it'll be rough. Calum and JWT have suitable pkgs, I believe.
  • RPM switches - you'll have to have some way to activate the high cams...
I guess it's all up to you, and how much you want to spend right off the bat.

Good luck!

*disclaimer - this statement not valid if your region has an unusually high concentration of Miatas, etc.

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A VE with a t28 would be more than enough, the trick factor is there and it will even spool the turbo quicker, but it is much more expensive. The VE block is nice to have though. Great oil pump and oil squirters, same as DET. the car would make more power with a VE, but keeping the power under control is going to be a chore.

I am going ve+t as well just keep watching the forums and I will post when the car is running.
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