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This should go in the technical forum and I will post there once I can.

I have a strong vibration from the engine area which starts at about 2500 and continues to 3000 rpm.

When accelerating from start it is very noticeable as it passes the 2500 mark.
It also is quite bad on the expressway at 70 mph at 2500 rpm but past 80 mph at 3000 it is perfectly smooth. I really don't like it when I accelerate to a perfectly smooth 70 mph at ~ 5000 rpm and then up shift and feel that vibration at 2500 rpm.

I just want to know what can possibly cause this rpm specific vibration?
I don't think it is a balanced crank problem as it is perfectly fine at high rpm.

I heard that egr can cause problems to 2500 rpm if clogged, could this be egr related?
Also cams can run differently and have peaks and drop-offs at different rpms so could my cams be causing problems?
Could there be some cavitations from the water pump at 2500 rpm or from some other accessories or an over tightened drive belt?

I just want to have some idea of what can cause this before I can try resolving it.
The vibration became very noticeable right after my 60000 mile service. Obviously they did not recognize any vibration, but what is done during service that can cause this?

Thanks you.
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