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Hey fellow SE-R people, I want to invite you all to VIR's 3.3 mile full course outside Danville, VA for our high performance driving school on the weekend of December 8-9, 2001. (This event is being held by the same organization that sponsored the SERCA National Convention track event in late May, btw.)

There will be four run groups: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and instructors. Instructors will be provided for beginner and intermediate drivers free-of-charge. Each group will get approximately 110 minutes of track time per day. The price is less than you think ($150 one day / $275 both). That's very reasonable when you consider that you'll get 110 minutes per day of driving as fast as you dare on a world-class, legendary, historic road course that looks like this:

The December event is our first annual "end of season seat time extravaganza" and I'm sure it will fill up well in advance. I'm also sure there will be a whole bunch of SE-R's in attendance (including mine).

Many people believe that you will learn more about going fast in a day on a road course than you will in a season of autocrossing. You will also go a LOT faster, which is fun for sure (a well-driven stock classic can do 120+ twice per lap!)

Please take a look at our website for more info: . Or, simply click on to learn more about the track itself.

Note that Speedtrial is happy to offer a "package deal" if you all want to come in a pre-arranged group. Something like 'sign up 10 SERCA people and the 11th entry is free' is the usual deal, although that is open to negotiations. You can split the refund up or raffle it off among the signups... whatever you want.

Anyway - contact me privately if you have any questions. I hope to see some of you at VIR in December!


Jon Felton
804.938.TIRE cell
[email protected]
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