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VP Racing fuel

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Can I use VP racing fuel??? my mods are my signature. What could be the advantages?

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I Would Mix It Dont Use It Straight.i Run Vp 110 Octane In My Race Car It Is The Best Around.for Every 4 Gallons Use About A Gallon Of 110 Vp
Is that leaded or unleaded?
low lead 110
VP is leaded. It will do some damage to your cat and possibly O2 sensor. The only real benefits are under nitrous oxide or turbo use, you reduce the chances of detonation and can run more boost than you could with pump gas.

An unleaded alternative to VP fuels is PRO race fuels, it's unleaded and works just as well.
They do make VP unleaded, but not in that high of octane. I've heard wonderful things for their Motorsport 103, which is unlead.
I think the vp 104 and 108 are unleaded. I know the rest are leaded. I run the 110 leaded at the track when I am running nitrous. It is 6.50 a gallon up here in NH. That was until the track switched to Sunoco race fuels which are MUCH better. I know run the blue 117 leaded gas--great stuff.
we run the same thing as airplanes not jets but bi planes 110 low lead vp does make it i promise you its 4.25 a gallon
Just buy Motorsport 103 unleaded then add Xylene (octane 117) in a 7:3 ratio on the track.

That's 107.2 and costs less than $4 /per gallon.

Or good 'ole Sunoco 94 Ultra plus Xylene, again 7:3 will give you 101 octane and cost between $2.00 and $2.50 /per gallon (depending on local pump prices).

And neither is likely to damage or clog your sensors. (although I wouldn't recommend running these combos every day)
Unless he's running stupidly-advanced timing, he shouldn't need anything more than 93. All the rest is a waste of money or mere bragging rights. Long-term use of aromatics will cause coking (fouling).
I have not seen 93 octane in south of california.
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