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Hey all,

I just wanted to comment on my initial impression of the 3" piping kit I got from VRS today. Everything was shipped in a heavy-duty cardboard box, I ordered a Stromung for my B15 adn they sent the mid-pipe wrapped in industrial saran wrap (it was damaged in transit, go figure). They also shipped the day after I sent payment to Jamie at Powertech who was the go between for the group buy.

The piping kit comes in three pieces; the straight pipe, the 90 degree bend section to transfer from center to pass. side rear, then the over axle piece. All are a single pipe mandrel bent to our specs. I expected to see some welding in the bends but that is not the case. They are very impressive pieces.

Kudos to VRS, Powertech (Jamie), and most of all OnyxEros for getting the GB organized.
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