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Hui all,
I am new to this forum so go lightly on me please.. In 2000 I imported 2 Seven style kit cars from the UK and wanting to fit an SR20DET into a tubular chassis. Yes, it was from an Avenir half cut, east/west and going into a north/south situation. I have purchased an SR20 5 peed gearbox which bolts up to the engine BUT the Avenir starter is in a slightly different location, so will need to cut and weld the mounts to fit, not really too much of a problem. The dissy is hanging out the back of the head but again not a problem in my fitment as there is plenty of room and clearance within the chassis. The very complex Avenir inlet plenim is excessively bulky and has been removed from the head and all water connections, (the turbo, oil cooler and return back into the motor), leaving a bare area as per photo.
My question is:
1. Is there an after marker plenum or one off the north south engines that fit the Avenir head?
2. Motor is stock and no intention for max HP, so any brand/maker recommended?
3. are there other issues that I have not/will stumble into? Remember, I have everything from the half cut to use, loom, computer, intercooler pipes etc.
If it is going to bee too complex, then I will sell it all and purchase a low km Silvia which I am currently looking at.

SR20DET head#1.jpg SR20det head#2.jpg SR20det head#3.jpg
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