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weird chain sound

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when my car is running it almost sounds like there is the sound of a chain rubbing against sumthing. i dont know what it is and i dont even know where there is a chain. maybe im losing it. can someone tell me what this is? and is it normal for a NX 2K with over 117,000 miles?
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Timing chain is most likely making noise, maybe because the timing chain tensioner or the timing chain guide need to be replaced. What you're hearing is quite normal. You hear this at idle when the car has warmed up, right?
yea usually. but i thought i had a timing belt where is this chain and is it gunna break?
All four-cylinder Nissan motors in USA from '91 and up had timing chains.

Your timing chain is not going to break. It takes a LOT for someone to manage to do that. The chain is located under the VC on the passenger side of the motor, as you can see in the cutaway pic below:

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agreed with Harris it happen to my friends ride to.
If it's really bothering you, you can easly remove the chain guide and see if it will solve your problem. I (and others on this forum) removed mine and the noise went away.
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