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well I don't know what's up went to lunch today and I noticed while comming home my car got an iratic idol like poping and sputering. nothing when reved up or under a load but only at Idol when the A/C is on it's even worst the car bogs down to 300 to 500 rpm and with solid motor mounts it shakes the sh*t out of the car.
Things done: checked plugs,Nology wires and checked Nology coil for bad spark (will not do that again)looked at TBS sensor rechecked the second ground for MAF,Has a new cap and rotor.checked the EGR,has a new EGR/BTP pipe has a new O2 sensor. Oh and the throtle body was cleaned 2 weeks ago
But this is the weird thing I got mad took it for a freeway run exited the freeway and no funny idol sat here in my garage waiting but nothing???????? any Idea's anyone have this problem before?
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