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weird problem with directionals/headlights/4-ways

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well here is my problem. When the headlights are OFF, the leftside blinkers work and the 4-ways work, however when i turn on my right side blinkers, both the right side and left side blinkers go on (as if i was turning on my 4-ways). Now with the headlights turned ON, the left side blinkers work, but when i try the right side, it clicks once and the green light on the dash stays on, it doesn't blink. Same thing with the 4-ways, the lights just stay on but they don't blink. Also, when not turning on my blinkers at all, the right side rear blinker is on constant (only with the headlights on). I was advised to buy a new headlight/directional switch which i am waiting for right now. What else could be the culprate? bad fuses, relays and/or bulbs? Let me know if anyone has had the same problem or similar problem. tia

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I'd check all your light sockets for corrosion, sometimes the contacts get corroded down and you might be having power backfeeding into one circuit from another. I'd bet that your passenger's front turn signal/running light is the culprit. Reason being, when the hazards are operated, the lights all operate on part of adifferent circuit than when you use the turn signals. So when you're using your right turn signal, power is feeding back into the lights and is getting into the drivers side turn signals. If checking bulbs and sockets don't work then other things to check out and possibly replace would be the combination flasher relay and the hazard switch.
thanks man. i've checked the fuses, all looks good there. i'll check all the bulbs next...
yea it sounds like u might have the wrong bulb in a spot. i had a caprice and i had the wrong bulb in one spot and all the blinkers went instead of just that side. i would check ALL tha bulbs back, sides and maybe even heads. it dont hurt. if that aint it then u have a different electrical problem. the wiring might be off
i checked the backs, those are fine. I know that these blue headlight bulbs were put in before i bought the car, dunno if that could be it but i doubt it. I'll get around to checking all the front bulbs tomorrow.
Well here's the deal. I replaced the passenger side blinker bulb. Everything works right now except that the bulb doesn't blink! Everything else works as normal. The rear passenger side works too. However when i turn on the passenger side directionals, it blinks faster than if i turn on the drivers side. Is this a sure fire sign that i have to replace the rear blink bulb too??

well i just replaced the rear drivers bulb. same thing. The only thing that doesn't work is the drivers side front :confused:
Did you take a close look at the socket? Use a meter to check for voltage at both positive terminals when you've got the hazards or that side's turn signal on.
yeah i took a close look and it was really really clean at the terminals, wasn't corroded whatsoever. i may just have a bad bulb, so i'll check another one tomorrow because i searched on amd i have the exact symptoms (right now) of a bad bulb...
u prob got a bad bulb. when a directional bulb goes, it causes that side ta blink fast. my car did it and thats how i knew that my bulb blew. change tha bulb and ur fine. oh btw, what was it that made them all blink was it one retarded bulb like i sad?
yesh it was, but it's weird because that exact same bulb that i replaced is the one that i beleive is bad, but it fixed all the other stuff that was goin out right now to swap another one in
Alright, i figured this mess out FINALLY!! First, a previous owner put a rear bulb (1156) in the front right blinker, so that's why it was acting all funny. I didn't know this and went ahead and bought 2 of the same. Out of curiosity, i looked at the other blinker bulb and it was different! So i went to the store and bought two of those (1157) and replaced both the front and now everything works peachy. Thanks for your help guys, i love htis forum :D
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