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So I took my hour lunch today and hopped about 3 blocks down to the Mitsubishi/Hyundai dealer and took a look at the Elantra GT. To my surprise it actually looks nice. It reminds me of a Peugot or something over in Europe. It comes with standard leather interior. The inside is laid out real nice. The engine compartment looks like a BMW egine bay. A big plastic piece hides most of the engine so it looks clean. Unfortunatley the redline is only at 6,500 rpms. YUK! The ride is soft. I prefer the SE-R stiffness. It has sport tuned suspension, purple lit gauges, foglights, sunroof, rear head restraints, and all the basic goodies. All for 16,000.
I wouldn't get one but anyone out there pricing a lil NEW 2001 grocery getter should have a look.

-3x CRX owner
-SE-R mods: "Home Depot" intake
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