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US41 Dragway near Morocco, Indiana. I got 16 runs in 2 hours (could have had more but stopped 2-3 times to think, adjust, cooldown, etc. Tonight my 98 Sentra SE had Prokits and AGX's set to 8 in the rear and either 1 or 4 in front (didn't seem to make a difference really), Toyo Proxies T1+ 205/50-15's down to 21-22psi, SMC shifter, and open airbox with K&N drop-in pointing up. Also running 20 degree timing with 92 octane. Spare tire, jack, particle board and trunk carpet left at home. Best time of the night:

60ft 2.270
330ft 6.565
1/8 ET 10.094
1/8 MPH 69.89
1000ft 13.133
1/4 ET 15.724
1/4 MPH 87.52

My best MPH of the night was 88.2. I was supposed to meet Karly from Chicago there but she never showed up. Where were you, Karly?

My method was drive around the waterbox, ignore the 60's RWD noisy ass monster next to me (I was the only non-trailered, FWD, 1990+ car three for about an hour), short, dry burnout to the line. Rev up to ~3.5k, slip the clutch to keep the revs at 3.5k, shift to 2nd right before stupid 7.1k limiter, shift to third at stupid 7.1k limiter, shift to 4th at 6.5k. My first several runs I just left it in 3rd just to hit the rev limiter once right before the finish line. Very friggin annoying. My MPH wouldn't got above 86.7 doing it that way so decided to shift to 4th. Helped my MPH +2 and ET 0.1 was all.

Couldn't break a 15.7 to save my life. I had 3 15.7 runs out of 16. The rest were 15.8's and 15.9's. The 60ft's were always 2.3xx and below after about the first 8 runs. My best was the 2.270 you see above. Only got one other 2.2xx, most of the rest were 2.3xx.

Sound right? Can I drive ok? Or am I doing it all wrong?

This will be my one and only time to drag race with a stock engine as I am getting a 91 intake cam put in this weekend and a BB DET turbo in the next 2-3 months (as soon as I can afford the JWT ECU! sux having everything except one piece sitting in your garage!)

I like drag racing on Wednesdays. No one there :). About 1/3 of my runs I went straight back up and didn't have to wait.

Question- my front tires (didn't look at the rear ones) look all nasty with soft rubber coating them. Is that rubber I aquired from the track, or rubber I have melted from my own tires? It's pretty thick, like maybe 2mm, and my tread looks as high as it was when I got there, so I'm assuming it's a momento from the track. Never had a car that could spin the tires before (read stupid FWD GM automatic trans car) so never experienced this at the track.

Think that's about all my ranting about it, except I was pretty lonely. Don't you hate getting stood up for your first "date"? (I'm engaged, never met Karly, just an expression, chill :) )

Ben Davis
slow ass 98 Sentra SE
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