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Hi, Everybody:
I got a big problem while I was happily cruising on the #35 highway in TX. My car's engine just suddenly stopped, and afterward a kind truck driver stopped and checked it up with me. Finally we found that the cause to my engine's problem is a blown fuse located in the engine compartment fuse box, which is just on the left side of the car's battery.
But when I replaced a new fuse, it blew again instantly!
So I cannot but call a AAA tower to tow my car away to home for $60. Oh, my gosh! What a LUCKY day it was!
Now my question is why the fuse, marked on the fuse box cover as "FL 30A IGN SW", blew so easily? If there is any serious problem with my car's ignition system? Or what is this fuse related to?
Could anybody tell me about my problem and teach me how can I solve this problem?
Greatly appreciate your help!

To Brian:
Thanks for your audio head unit, and I found why it couldn't work as we installed it was that it was not properly to connect to the negative pole (without contacting the iron part), After I screwed it in, it worked perfectly except the radio for its antenna connection adapter not available!
Thank you so much, but with my car's problem now, I'm afraid I can't take the adapter from you in this week timely!
If you have any question about that, please give me a call or ask me on the webpage, OK?! I am sorry about that problem!
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