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Nyeah, I took a cv boot short cut last weekend so everyone go ahead and make fun of me.

I put the split 2 piece outer boots on my car from JC Whitney. I myself am skeptical of the whole concept. As far as the execution I upgraded the clamps to screw type ones that are wider, stonger and tighten down much better. The clamp brand is "ideal" and are commonly used on dryers.

Obviously I didn't have to pull axles, drain my new redline fluid, wreck my tranny seals etc.. BUT. How long do you think my boots will last. They are the zip lock kind with glue solvent. The seams run perpendicular to the ribs of the boot. The freaking worst part of that job was cleaning all the old grease out of my wheel wells! Ahh

Wish me luck please.


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Yup I know what I should have done. As least this way I get to find out just how shitty split boots really are..

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I only use OEM material for stuff like this. Nissan OEM material is very good. Split boots, will split on you faster than a one piece boot

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