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Built Engine-How much Boost for 400BHP?

Sepc of engine(GTiR) will be:

mildly polished head
Tomei 256/260 11mm cams(may switch to 260/260)
Tomei valve springs
Tomei rocker stopper kit
mildly polsihed stock manifold
mildly polished inlet manifold
700cc injectors
Sard fpr
Walbro fuel pump
HKS S45 pro plugs
Tomei 1mm HG
Tomei 87mm forged pistons
PAR rods
ARP rod bolts
JUN main cap bolts(maybe)
Lightened&balanced bottom end
Forge fmic
Blitz filter on Z32 AFM

Turbo spec:

Roller Bearing turbo, special 54mm GT25 76 trim turbine, high flow 76mm T04S compressor wheel (53mm inducer), re-profiled compressor housing.

Looking into 3"DP and J pipe.Rest of system is 2.5" straight through no cat
I have Aquamist water injection and a Link ECU to go with a Greddy E-01 for boost control.Compression ratio should be aroun 8.77:1.

What boost can I run without fear of it detting and what power/torque should I get?I'm hoping for around 380-400bhp(flywheel)and same torque on 1.6-1.8bar.

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400hp on GT25R will be at least 20-25psi I would think, seeing as my friend with a GTIR on his 240sx DET got about 330 on 19psi.

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