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i'm on the verge of purchasing Pro Kits for my '91 SE-R. I'm curious what those of you who have pro kits used in conjunction with them.

I see that the AGX's are popular, and Tokico's seem to be the preference on, and GAB's as well. I talked to an SE-R owner a few weeks ago who was putting on Pro Kits and just regular non-agx struts. They were the KYB GR2 gas struts from summit for 60 a piece.

i'm just looking for something to replace my stock suspension and add some pizazz to my sloppy handling. 125K miles on stock suspension makes my car ride like...well a camry.

thanks in advance, sorry for the long post.

edit: subject should say What TO put with Eibach Pro Kits? oops.
1991 Sentra SE-R
Cone intake, NismoBorla Exhaust, 19* timing, 2 12" Kicker Competitions, 125K miles

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I have some prokits with KYB GR2 struts just waiting to be put on, i got them from tirerack, a lot cheaper than summit, $44 for the front, $46 for the back.

I will try to get them put on this weekend, (if i'm not so damn lazy
) and will post results.

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