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what do you guys think about the new stillen front end?

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I kinda like it and am thinking about buying one when I buy my type II wing, or maybe seprately. just some off the wall making conversation kind of thing. if you have not seen it, check out the new SCC, Mike K has it on his car along with a 98 se grill (probably the one I am going to replace mine with, when I do the body work :-( )
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I like it - adds some aggresiveness without being overkill.

I'm also intersted in the NuTech lower control arm brace, but my AEBS header primaries hang slightly lower than the front crossmember. I'd have to modify it some.....cost is $175, production in 3 weeks.
That brace looks VERY interesting. Its the first new toy for the SR20 platforms in a while.

Can't wait to get one.
ya, me too. gonna try to order some soon.
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