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What fittings go on what lines for turbo??

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Ive found these two threads:

about fittings and lines and such, but which lines go w/ which fittings? The second link seems more detailed, but im really really confused on where each of the fittings go?? Im about to start up my turbo project and Im just trying to get all the stupid **** out of the way, and this is the part that's confusing me the most! Someone help me out?

My setup will be t25 on a de-t. Thanks guys :)

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You answered your own question. The second link breaks it down into Oil and Water, don't know what else you would need to know. If you don't understand where all these fittings go, try drawing it out on paper. If you're still confused, you're not ready to turbo and should probably research some more.
Haha, sorry...all those numbers confused me I suppose. Ill look back over it..

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