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Ok this morning I was heading out to go get the weekly groceries. I look out in the parking lot and low and beold there is an autocross. I immediatly look to see who is hosting it. Its a new group here in cookeville I think. So 10 bucks and Im entered into 3 laps. Its an ok coarse I didnt like it that much. Rolling start, into a salom, left, left decreasing radius, 360(which i hated), 180, sharp right, 90 up the hill left sweeper, though the start and go for a second lap. the 360 really wasnt needed and just screwed up the rythm. but to my amazement I do ok. first autocross ever and dnf'ed first time, 1:29+1 cone, then 1:28+1 cone. stupid salom kept giving me trouble so one cone each run But i put the stuff back in the car and head on to walmart. I come back to my friends going crazy wondering where i am. cause I placed
. A real grocery getter placed. I came in 3rd behind a emodified corvette(the yellow one from trscca cant remember his name), and dont know what else. I bet an rx2 with a 13b, plenty of trucks, a prelude, a few roadsters mgb's alfa's.... Needless to say Im stoked. My little AUTOMATIC running only 10 seconds behind the corvette. only things i have are a stb, pop and ad22vf's that dont help on autox. oh well they were loving the 3 wheel motion on the corners

Thats my opinion and I could be wrong

93 classic
Aztec Red, Automatic, POP, STB, OEC battery tie down, AD22VF's, Pirelli P4000's

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