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My sponser "pitstopperformance" and i, are putting together my custom turbo kit. im also getting help from aamco turbo out of kent, washington. i kinda know wat to do,but since you guys have way more knowledge then me, your advice is welcome and fully appreciated

so far this is what i have for my set up:
ssautochrome manifold <~regrinded and ported
t3/t4 turbo (off a grand national) rebuilt
turboxs type h bov
spearco intercooler
greddy emanage/profec b sys. and/or apexi setup
things im trying to get:
440 inj. and walbro fuel pump
bigger maf
and what else do i need to finish my setup??

heres my nonturbo car with Mikes custom carbon fiber spoiler:

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You could search, i just seen a post like this last week
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