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This was taken from, according to them this is from Mike Kojima after driving the new car.

"Here is what he said basically...:
I drove the Spec-V test mule several months ago and it flat
hauls. It has 180 hp and close to 200 ft/lbs of torque with a six-speed
transimission and a torsen LSD. The powerband is very broad with useable
power from off-idle to the fuel cut.

It has 17x7" wheels stock with 215/45-17 tires and a very stiff suspension
calibration. It handles nearly as well as project 200sx and the suspension
is nearly as stiff!

It is nearly as quick as an Intergra Type R from 0-60 and is slightly faster
than the Type-R in the 1/4 mile. It can tick off 14 second 1/4 mile times
with the right conditions and driver. That is the vaunted Type-R, not just
the GSR that the car was designed to run toe-to toe with. On Nissan's
handling evaluation course it is one second a lap quicker than the Type-R in
testing. It will smoke the GTS Celica, the turbo Golf and the Civic Si. It
is easily the fastest car in the segment. Even if you consider the Integra
and the Celica to be in the same class, even though they are way more
expensive. It is pretty close in speed to even the new WRX for way less

Best of all is the price which will be under 18k. That is 6k cheaper than a
Type-R at least. There is not a car that will touch it for the price in
performance. The production SE-R will probably not have the rear wing and
side skirts of the consept car. The front end is accurate. The rear wing
and side skirts will be the same as the performance package SE. It was
either save money on these cosmetic parts or take it out of the performance
and the SE-R group decided not to compromise the performance.

The interior is two-toned a-la Audi S4 with higly bolstered seats and color
matched gauge faces. The SE=R emblem looks like the GTR one.

This car is a real performer and jaded me was totaly impressed by it. The
suspension is so good, I don't think anything has to be done to it, at least
not right away. The brakes are good also. Dave Coleman, who is really jaded
and super critical about cars in general, is raving about the car. He got
special permission to drive the car last month. Belive that this is a
killer car from two guys that have driven the thing!

There has been an official moritorium not to report anything about the car
until January so I have not posted very much other than very general things
but I can say now that this car fully kicks ass and delivers in the sprit of
the old classic but even more so!

For those of you who are griping about 4 doors, let me remind you that the
new WRX and the Evo-6.5 and 7 are both only avalible in 4 door
configuration. I very strongly feel that the new SE-R is the best car for
the price once again, enough so that I am going to get one even though I can
afford a much more expensive car. I will also do my best to make sure that
the aftermarket is there to make sure that a lot of parts are avalible. I
am going to turbo mine. The new six speed is 50% stronger than the old
transmission and will be based on the same tranny that will be behind the
280 hp Maxima SE-R. That means no more tranny problems.

Feedback from list members and SERCA did make a differnce in the return of
the SE-R and it's state of tune.

The new Z is also going to be a world class performer with state of the art
underpinnings and an excellent value as well, but that is for a different
list though."

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