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here is a clip from

here are several versions of both the SR20DE and the SR20DET (Remember 'T' is for Turbo).
While the engines are similar in most respects there are several differences.

Mike Kojima commented:

Here are the differences between the DET and the DE:

The DET has oil squirter piston coolers
The DET has a bigger oil pump.
The DET has a different front pulley.
The DET has lower compression pistons (8.3:1 vs 9.5:1).
The DET has bigger injectors.
The DET has direct ignition.
The DET has a variable intake cam, runs retarded at idle, advanced mid range and retarded top end. The DET has mechanical shim in bucket type lifters with a slightly bigger in duration exhaust cam.

The GTi-R DET has individual Throttle body injection.
The GTi-R DET has stronger main cap bolts.
The GTi-R DET has beefier rods.

Just about all the parts between a DET and a DE interchange.

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