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First off, i need the rubber gaskets and strut boot and other accessories as i need to do a strut replacement. Where can i get these things. Would Courtesy Nissan have it, would i be better off getting the strut boot, strut mounts, and thrust bearing from tire rack and the insulator gasket from seomwhere else. Should I just suck it up and get it from my, local rude might I add, nissan dealership?

Secondly, could somebody tell me how much, where, and any experiences or opinions about the adjustable rear stabilizer bar for our cars. Is it NuTech that makes it?

Thanks in advance for any help, i cant wait to get out and test my car when i get things together!

P.S. Did any of you North Carolina boys go to the autocross that was held at Eastland Mall? I could not attend as i was out of town.
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