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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Saaby:
The 1st number is the spring rate. However, on some springs it is in in/lb. and on others it is in metric units.</font>
You are incorrect. 180.64.35. The first number is the unloaded length of the spring, in this case 180mm or roughly 7". The second number is the diameter of the spring; 64mm or roughly 2.5". The 3rd and final number is the actual spring rate, in this case it's in some metric measurement (newton/meters, kg/mm?!?)

700.250.300... Obviously, most of you know that is the SAE measurement (7", 2.5", 300in/lb.)

--Andrew Phan
1993 NX2000
1998 200SX SE-R (700.250.350f/150.64.53r)
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