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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by SERboy:
whats the differnce b/t the generations of headers that hotshot makes?..for example, the 1st and 4th generations...what makes them different?</font>
This is going from memoroy, though you'd be better off searching through or the SE-R list archives ( for the answer:

Gen 1: 4-2-1 design. Primaries are 1.625" in diameter. Collector is 2.25" in diameter with flex-joint. Prototypes were uncoated, production pieces were ceramic coated (though not the greatest coating.) Primaries were prone to cracking at the welds.

Gen 2: 4-2-1 design. Primaries have same diameter as Gen 1. Collector is now 2" in diameter with flex-pipe to replace the leak-prone flex-joint. Also ceramic coated. Some Gen 2's used JetHot ceramic coating which is improved over the old ceramic coating used. Primaries still crack-prone at the welds.

Gen 3: 4-2-1 design. Primaries increased to 1.75" diameter. Collector/Secondary/Flex-Pipe remains same as Gen 2. Switched to 12 gauge mild steel to prevent cracks at the welds. Improved ceramic coating (but not from JetHot.) Shown to give 3-4hp over the Gen 2 header.

Gen 4: Same as Gen 3, but now port-matched to the cylinder head exhaust ports.

--Andrew Phan
1993 NX2000
1998 200SX SE-R
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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