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Whats up with the different torque listings for the classic se-r and the nx2000?

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I was just curious, i have seen the specs for the se-r and for the nx2000. The se-r specs say that it has 140 hp and 132 lbs/ft of torque. However, the nx2000 specs say it has 140 hp and 130 lbs/ft of torque...whats up with that?? the cars have identical sr20's so they should have the same numbers. I thought it might have been a misprint, but ive seen it in more then one place. Is the nx2000 130 or 132?? anyone one have a reason why it wouldnt be 132?? thanks...

1992 Nissan NX2000
White...fully loaded
Stock (for now)
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Who cares? It's just numbers.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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