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Where does everyones go?

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Ok this is my engine bay, you see where the air/oil seperator is at? look to the left of that, where my egr stuff is at and that little yellow tube goes in to

now whats buggin me is that i went to that thread under hood shots, and practically no one had that, everyone has just the air/oil sep. but when i look on the Intake Man. i see the egr thing there, what did you guys do with the egr thing that goes on top of the header? i also saw people bypassing the air/oil sep. and going straight from the header to that peice that the air/oil sep. goes in to.
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that was part of the AIV it looks like it's been disabled though.
What about it looks disabled? The yellow thing is a vacuum line, one that is used to activate the AIV.

oh so that isnt a EGR thing? can i take it off and bypass it somehow?
i actually just wanted to get rid of it, it is an eyesore... i hate looking at that hah, any advice on how to bypass it? i will prob do it after i go to do a smog check
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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