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Where to get a DET

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For all of you running DET's where is the best place to get a DET from in terms of price and condition? I've heard of people getting bunk motors. Also other than the bearings what should I replace or check? Most likely I won't get the motor til around Dec or something like that but figured might as well start checking up on it now. TIA

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SOKO has them. Thats where I got mine. The #'s in the SCC mag.

The only way to know if you get a good one is to check the crank/bearings for damage and send it back for a new one if its no good. Or put it in the car and pray.

Doh! I got it for 1680 shipped. The first one was shot and they sent me another one.

I'd check the cam bearing surface+lobes for signs of oil starvation.Clean out the oil spray bar at the same time. Crank bearing surfaces,(you don't want to replace a $500 crank
) Replace crank and rod bearings. Replace all rubber seals F/main and R/main,VC gasket etc.
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ECU $595
Gaskets $50
Motor $1680 shiped
Water pump $60
Piping $80
IC with end tanks $550
Boost controler $230ish<- optional

$3245.... That was one expensive miss shift

I'm planing to go with the 50lb/hr prog from JWT

Injectors $200 shiped

ecu $100
rail $225
Maf $125

$650..... One hell of an addiction I have

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I've been working 60hrs a week for 6 or 7 weeks to save up and pay off this stuff. My wife tells me I jump up in the middle of the nite babbling about short circuits and bga's and crap like that. weeeeeee heeeheee

98sentraSE turbo with a crazy tired driver
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AFAIK Watanabe only sells DE's from Primiras and other NA JDM cars. When I got my first motor from SOKO the turbo was junk(oil blown all the way through to the TB) so I told them and they sent me a new one and picked up the old no charge. They told me the motors were inspected before hand except that one that came directly for cali. Good excuse but your taking a chance no matter how you look at it.

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