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Where'd ya'll buy yer clutches at?

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Just curious where I should price stuff from.

Does Courtesy offer any aftermarket clutches?

Are ACT street-strip clutches really on backorder from ACT?
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I paid way to much for my ACT. $320 or so. I you can ge one for $270 you good.

98sentraSE Turbo
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I was just part of the group deal on ACT clutches. It was a little more than 270, but that included shipping.

The delay was due to a redesign by ACT to move the engagement a little farther off the floor.

I'd try Manny at Redline Pro.
The orice on ACT clutch has gone up. I have the JWT and I like it but.... I dont have the power you will be putting down.

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no, we do not sell performance clutches at courtesy, but we do, and can get the jwt pp, but I would honestly go with a act in my ride.
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