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Which BOV?

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I have searched and searched but not a true answer; anyways what is considered the best BOV to have on a turbo'd USDM SR20? I do not want to run crazy boost; max boost I want to run would be 12-15 psi. And I want to recirculate. Thanx to all in advance.
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1G DSM if you can find one with the Pipe its flanged for.
This is the pipe I'm talking about. It forces you to run 2" I/C piping but since your looking at low boost then thats fine. Or If you'd rather have the Bling Bling, the Greddy Type S is popular.
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i love my blitz dd bov.
anyone else?
There are at least 4-5 blow off valves that I can think of that will work for you.

Go to and they will show you the models that re-circulate and you can listen to sound clips also.
I am going 1G DSM BOV. It will work well for the boost level you plan to run, can be upgraded to handle more boost (~20psi) when crushed, they're cheap, and most OEM manufacturers have copied its design over the years.

It also had one of the nicest graphs in a comparison that SCC did recently (at least by my analysis of said article). You should be able to find the article on the website or if you can get ahold of the June 03 issue, its in there.
You can buy 1g dsm flanges to mount them ony any size pipe. Road Race Engineering sells them.
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