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White 92' SE-R 4 sale in VA

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Very Clean White 92' SE-R 4 sale in VA

Ok guys, well i just bought this car not even one tank of gas ago and I am ready to sell. I have found another car that I am really interested in. I bought this car from a used car salesman in Florida. The car was not at all what he had described when I bought it. I am not saying that the car is not nice its that I paid for a car that I did not get and I can't get over that :mad: . I have the reciept for the car that I paid $4350 with shipping.


92 SE-R in Richmond, VA ( been here a month, rest was spent in sunny FL )
100,400 miles
new paint
nx brakes with EBC Reds
ground controls
place racing intake
good interior and exterior, body is very straight
cd player and pioneer speakers



1.The motor runs very strong, i am impressed how well it does with the minor mods done
2. The car was painted about 7 months ago by the previous owner. The paint job is decent and has minimal orange peel. I think if you wetsanded it again and buffed it good i bet you could get a lot of it out.
3. The tires are touring t/a's with about 50% tread left
4. The interior is pretty clean, was happy with that except for a few minor things. No stains that i have found.
5. It has an s13 steering wheel with cruise control. All that stuff does work
6. Does have aftermarket pioneer speakers. Comes with a Kenwood CD player.
7. Just changed the oil and added BG MOA oil additive
8. Changed the transmission fluid
9.Comes with NX2000 big brake upgrade and EBC Red brake pads
10.Goodridge stainless steel brake lines, brake pedal is very tight!
11.Place racing cold air intake
12. Just inspected so no need for that


The suspension has a definate problem. It pulls very hard to the left or right depending on what it feels like doing. I have aligned it 3 times with no luck. The suspension on it is ground controls 350/300, koni red inserts, and cusco camber plates up front. I bought the car under the assumption that the suspension was tight and did not wander. All the parts were very used and he bought them from a friend. It makes a lot of noises and I just think that it is missing some parts or something is severly bent. Tommorow i am installing all stock suspension and front control arms hoping to finally resolve this alignment issue. The car will come with all the suspension parts if you wish to use them in the future. Unfortunately the parts I am putting on are also used but hopefully will make the car ride straight and will work till you can buy something to replace it.
The dash is starting to peel up in the front center, was also unaware of this when I bought it, this to me was a big thing but he said he didnt think so :mad: . Also on the driver's side door the cloth is just starting to peel off on the top of the door cloth. Thought I had fog lights when I bought it, yep no they don't work either, they have power so it just needs bulbs. Personally I would just buy the courtesy kit for 100 bucks and call it a day. The car was in a front end accident by the first owner. Don't think it was that bad but did notice the hood has a few alignment issues. The driver's side door sags so you would need to order the lower hinge to fix that. Due to the sag there is a little wind noise at speeds and hard right hand turns. Also when you close the driver's side door the speaker cuts out, wiggle the door harness and it cuts on and off. The starter makes helacious noises but it happens to a lot of them.

To the best of my knowledge and sitting here right now that is all the details I can think of right now. I know it looks like the cons outway the pros but its really not that bad of a car. The only reason I am so upset over this car is that most of the bad I had no idea about untill i recieved the car. I payed alot of money for this car and it was definately not worth $4350. I got hosed at the price and he knows it to, but some people can live with that :rolleyes: . if I had payed $3000 I would be very happy with this car because I would have had money left to fix the little problems. I would keep it at that price! I thought I wouldn't have to work on it for the price I paid. So I would like to get 3000 for the car. If you are intersted in pic please go here to look at the pics. The only difference are the wheels are dark gray not black, and it will be sitting higher due to the stock suspension.


I prefer no P.M cause i forget about them. My e-mail is [email protected] . Also my cell phone is 804-347-0861. Please call me with any questions and test drives are always welcome. Need to sell very quickly 3000 dollars or best offer. Thanks and sorry for the long post. Elliot
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No trades? 88 4.2L Jeep Wrangler kbb price is 3100$ its in good condition. 10 year hawaii car, says carfax and the guy it bought it from.
Does it ride better with the stock supspension back on?
I will hopefully find time to put the suspension on tommorow...err today, damn need to go to sleep. I will report back as soon as I finish.

About the jeep. Not really interested in the jeep right now, but thanks for the offer and the free bump.

Later, Elliot
bump, really is a nice car for the money.
nite bump, thanks...Elliot
Ive seen it...looks purrrty :D

So whats up with the susp. SE-Rvious?
Ok, well I installed all stock shocks and springs with no luck. The car definately rides alot better due to the fact that all the koni's were blown out and I think the springs on the front are the wrong height. Guess my friendly florida salesman forgot to tell me that the koni's were blown :mad: . Anyway, it still pulls to the right pretty good. Next step is i am going to order new tie rod ends and install those and realign the car. If that doesn't work the car will no longer be forsale and will promptly be set on fire and rolled off the nearest cliff. Thanks for your patience guys and if you have any questions please feel free to call me. 804 347 0861 or [email protected]. Thanks, Elliot
lolol I literaly just started laughing out loud. Elliot your a funny guy! Keep us posted
Definately will. Thanks for the patience. Elliot
As a heads up, today I just installed silverstar headlights and replaced the foglight bulbs so they now work and I can see really well now. Ok thats it for now............oh yeah, BUMP!!!!!
Is that the actual car in the picture? If so, can you take a picture of the dash?
mal_tiempo said:
Is that the actual car in the picture? If so, can you take a picture of the dash?
Yeah, I will see what I can do about that. I don't have a camera but let me see if i can work something out. later Elliot
Wait, so is that the car? I can see the hood not lined up with the top of the fender...I guess it is then.
Elliot, if you want I can come by and take a picture for you. I've got a digi cam and can email it to you or something?

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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