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Guys, I am in the process of doing something extremely unordothox. I own a set of newly acquired JE pistons with Swain Tech coatings. As most of you already know, my car is already turbocharged. I am getting ready to build a spare long block for strip use. Before anyone cringes and laughs in disbelief, I've got a plan and I hope to stick to it. I am simply trying to go where few, if any, have. High compression AND boost!
I will be utilizing a TO4X turbo with either a modified cast iron Pulsar manifold or the Protech equal length unit. The exact compression ratio is 10.4:1 and I plan on running with no more than 24-25psi of boost.
I have 72lb injectors and will have the appropiate ECU program from JWT. The block will have oil pistons squirters and be bored to 87mm. I also will have the water injection system on hand to control detonation along with an air to water intercooler. I have my Intake Manifold for increased efficiency and power production. The head will be extrude honed and will have a 5 angle valve job.
Before you guys bash my intelligence quotient, I do realize that there is a limitation of how much boost I can run with the higher compression. I also realize that there are chances of detonation. What I'm counting on are all of the detonation controlling measures to work extremely well and produce 550+ at the wheels.
If I don't go through with it, I'll have a set of sweet pistons for a NA or NOS car.

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Big Boost, this is an excellent idea for a drag car that will only be running on some sweet smelling C16! Most, if not all, of the 8-9 second turbocharged Hondas are running high compression and boost for more power. I know the guys at Sleeper Motorsports here in Cali are building an 11:1 or 11.5:1 turbo motor for their SE-R that will be running upwards of 30 psi of boost. They are hoping for 9's or 10's.
As long as you have the right fuel to control the fire and your spark maps are optimized for that compression you will be fine. <Talkoutofass>Going with a straight T04 will also give you less backpressure, a lesser chance of detonation and reversion!! </Talkoutofass> :)

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Yea almost all quick class imports are running high compression on there engines. Mind you some of them are running NOS along with the turbo. I don't know how good it is on a daily driver, but the only way to know is to try. So go for it! I would love to see how it turns out.

big boost

Just remember that when you put GOOD **** in your motor it will take a lot. Take it slow and work your way up. I know several 351 Fords that run 13.1 c/r and spray 450 shot on top of that. If they can do that in a V motor then the inline will take it. HAVE FAITH. Good luck on a trans and the motor will be fine

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Alcohol, good for more then drinking!!

Hey here is an idea from the days that i was upsested with grandnationals when they were first building the car they were thinking about putting a aclohol injection system in the car the idea is that at a certain psi a alcohal injector would turn on just after the throtle body it alows them to go to real high boost like 30psi it was just a nos nossel and a pump with a preshure switch.. just my imput i think that alcohol gets mutch colder than water and would be mutch better on manafolds
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