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the 98 200SX is the same car as the 99 Sentra, except for the whole 2 door thing. likewise the 98 200SX SE-R is the same as the 99 Sentra SEL. sometimes when purchasing products for my car i have had to order them for a 98 200SX SE-R, just so the vendor doesn't get confused. i'm not sure that the 95-97 springs will work though. maybe brian @ courtesy could tell ya or some other knowlegable folks on the forum.


99 Sentra SEL platinum gold w/ HS headers and CAI, custom b-pipe, arospeed exhaust, magnecor 8.5mm wires, eibach pro-kit, courtesy nissan frt and rear STB, smc short shifter, greddy knob, jwt clutch, k&n crankcase breather, 17 deg. timing, EL indiglo HVAC, clear corners and taillights and not a single stock bulb.
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