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Just wondering if it will fit also I heard about people with T25's and putting bigger housings n them like a T4 housing? mike kojima talked about this how much does it run? Thanks all help is appreciated

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Im pretty sure they have different bolt patterns.

Russ Knezic
Place Racing CAI,JWT S4 cams and JWT ECU with S4 program, hotshot gen3 header, greddy SP exhaust, KYB AGX's and Ground Controls, Konig Traffiks with Nitto NT555's

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N/A is not enough

The T28 will bolt onto the Bluebird manifold, as the turbine flanges are the same.

However, when you try to bolt the manifold to the head, you will have interference between the compressor housing and the block. The GTi-R manifold places the turbine out a little more away from the block to allow for the larger compressor housing of the T28.

Get a GTi-R manifold brand new at for $250.

Jay Whitely
Tampa, FL
1996 200SX SE-R
GTi-R powered with F-MAX kit
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