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wires, dist. cap, head, plugs, fuel filter.

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doing a tune up. all these things workd fine when i took them off. im gonna throw them away, but if anyone wants them, 5bucks plus shipping. no pics because dont really care if they sell. just seeing if anyone wants this stuff.


bosch wires, havent done plugs yet so i dont know what they are, cap and rotor head i assume are stock? same as fuel filter.
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$15 shipped for all the junk? LMK
SERfanatic said:
$15 shipped for all the junk? LMK
whats LMK mean?
LMK= let me know :D

BTW= by the way have you considered my offer
sure. as long as its not more than 15to ship. but yea, i'll let ya know when its boxed up. should be tonight hopefully. just need my dad to get home to get to some of his tools...
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