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Wiseco pistons, Crower rods for SR20DET - New in the boxes

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I have a full set of Wiseco 9:1 forged pistons (including rings and piston pins) and crower connecting rods new in the boxes for an SR20DET engine. They have never been installed or anything. I have decided to go with a Tomei 2.2L stroker motor instead so these are up for sale. These will work on any series SR20DE or SR20DET motor. They will not work with KA or CA series engines - I say that only cause I know I'll get people asking me.

The retail prices on the pistons are $469.99 and the rods are $699.99. I am asking $400.00 + shipping for the piston set and $600.00 + shipping for the rods. Max of $10 shipping on either set. If someone were to buy both the pistons and rods I'll cover shipping.

Email me at [email protected] if interested.

Here's a pic of the rods. I had a picture of the pistons, but I can't find it on my harddrive.. I'll take another pic later tonight of the pistons.
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Lowering to $950 shipped for the set. Email or PM me if interested.
Sup man, too bad you never get what you put in it right. When you feel the urge to lower the piston some more. hit me up and i'm just assume that those have the notch for the oil squiters right. later
would you be interested in selling the rods for 500?
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