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Wreck today

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today my car got backed into at discount autoparts, i was going to get a socket for my rims and a truck backed into me, the ball hitch on his trailer ripped right into my front bumper and her smashed up my driver side fender and corner light. We decided not to report it to insurance and he is going to pay for it ( i hope ) . This kinda sucks too, because i just ordered a passenger side fender, and fog lights... Now i need a bumper and a driver side fender and yet anothe corner light. :(
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Damn bro. I hope you got all his info. Like his DL# and phone # and address. If your car is 100% legal (insurance/registration) I would have called the cops.
it was all legal, my liscense is expired tho. Anyone got a 94 bumper? fender? corner light? Now is the time to let me know, id really like to get the 94 bumper, the one with the fatter lower lip on it. I will need a new driver side fender, and if anyone has some nice headlights... Can anyone do paintjobs? i got about a grand here, i want this fixed ASAP, thanks guys
You know, getting a police report doesnt mean reporting it to the insurance company. Its just a legal backup in case the other driver doesnt pay up. Been through that already. Good luck.
the guys is making an insurance claim afterall, i got quotes for 1200 in damage ( bodyshops are expensive here ) so ive got a good plan now
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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