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Start the violins now: after driving 250 miles (each way) for a fake SE-R, trying to get one where the owner wouldn't come down on his price 1 cent and being told that one I had my eye on shouldn't be used to drive...I'm starting to get desperate / fed up...I'm even pondering going back to...GULP...Honda (don't let it come to this). I haven't had a car in 2 years and now have the money to get one but can't seem to find one, so here's what I'm looking for:

1991 -> 1994 Nissan Sentra SE-R (real ones)

Needs: 5 speed (manual) transmission
Straight Frame / No major wrecks

Prefer (but not required):
No sunroof / moonroof
Under 175,000 miles
Decent interior
No rust
1994 model year
Running / Drivable (a little work isn't a big deal)

Don't Care: About paint color or condition, body panel dings / dents and pretty much anything asthetic and bolt ons or no bolt ons...its all the same to me.

Price Range: Anything from next to nothing for a crapped out beater to up to $2,500.00 for something decent w/ moderate miles. I'd even go up to $3,000.00 if I found exactly what I'm looking for (1994 Black, manual w/ no sunroof, good miles and great condition). I live in Tampa, FL and also will in Raleigh, NC for a few days coming up. I'd prefer to find one in these areas, but would be willing to travel for something truely worth it.

Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks All.



-10:1 UK motor
-ACT Heavy Duty PP n Street Disc
-15" BlackNIppon Racing wheels with good tires(12lbs each)
-CD Player
-NO Sunroof
-Sunny 4 fogger Front Bumer
-Sunny Super Saloon Emblems
-About to be repainted White
-JDM Headers wuth 2.5 in Mandrel Bent Piping with a GReddy Evo Muffler
-Ground Control Coilovers w/ KYBs
-No Accidents
-Power Windows

-JWT S3 Cams
-OIL Pressure Gauge
-A Pillar 2 Gauge Pod

If your interested I can send you pics. Id like to get about 2700 with out the PAint Job and closer to 3200 with a paint JOb

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