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WTB: B13 Classic 91-94

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I've recently decided that a daily driver car is needed. I have a 2003 Nissan Spec V that I have decided not to modify. I would rather have a B13 classic to work on while still having my spec on the side. Here's just some things I'm looking for.

Good condition: Hopefully I can find something with little exterior work needed. I don't mind faded paint and what not. Just something not totally rusted out and what not. If it needs work, inform me. I would rather have all the details than to be surprised at time of pickup.

Well maintained: This car will definately be a side project of mine. Quite possibly another motor going into it. I have no preference on the engine. The car could be an XE for all that matters. In the end, it might just even get replaced. Although an sr20de would be preferred. If there is anything at all that is needed such as a new tranny or engine, please inform me. I would rather pick up a car up and running already and not have to worry about 5th gear popout or anything of that sort. I prefer something that I would be able to drive home instead of putting it on a flatbed.

I'm in the New Jersey area. I am willing to drive to NY, CT, PA, DE, VA, MD if needed. I would just like the car to be able to make it home. If this isn't possible, I would rather you not contact me. Otherwise, Please do contact me. I do ask that prices be negotiated privately, but offers can be made publicly on this thread. I appriciate your time and effort in looking at this thread and hopefully we would be able to work something out. Thanks!

[email protected]
AIM: teckneekzzz
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