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They want $200 shipped for them now though, at least at their "buy it now" price. I just ordered the stainless 3" VRS exhaust and Cat. I placed a bid on one of the $125 headers, shipping is $28 and change, hope I get it. Woo hoo! Spending money I don't have! I hope I get paid Monday, I've got bills to pay. fu*k it, I'm living for now. If I'm going to keep this car, then I need to quit screwing around, and do what I want. I'm tired of having big plans and never fullfilling them.

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Dammit, I'm with you guys... I want to finish my damn suspension, once and for all. My kids will be eating rice for now on. Rice for their birthday, though I will make them a rice cake. And, I rice turkey with rice stuffing for Thanksgiving. Little bastards eat too much, anyway.


Ha ha, you missed me.... ppppppffffffffllllllllffffffftttttt!

That's right, I'm feeling uppity.

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