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Ok, so theres a few issues with my car, including an unknown extent of valve train damage and a few holes in my headers and flex pipe.

I need a used header. MN 55105. looking to spend under 150 on this depending on what shape it's in and the model. please, pictures, and no damage. i already got a broken one.

also, It's very possible, and i'm expecting that I'm going to need a new head. after watching a room-mate do some swapping, i'm thinking about buying a whole new motor. it's just easier that way, and less likely for me to f something up. again, please no broken ones. i got them already.

i need the header asap so i can finish my diagnostics on the car, and then see how far i need to take it apart to figure out the rest.

basically... Need:
-full motor (not intake, unless it's free/included cause mine is fine)
-or new head.

if you have a lowport de with a 5speed LSD tranny on it and your not looking for much we can talk. but, i'm a student, so money dont go for miles around here.

theres a small list of cheap parts i will get off your hands if your also selling me a full motor, just cause buying more crap to clear your space is a kind thing to do.

Jah Rastafari
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Contact this guy below he is in your area for the motor and tranny.


As far as header goes get a EBAY SR20DE Sentra 2.0 header they cost $150 shipped and are stainless steel
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