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Im looking to sell or trade my Pathfinder for any 4 door FWD SR powered Nissan. Be it an XE-R B13 to an SE-L. Im just looking to pick up a nice fun DD to work on and enjoy as I have aqcuired another vehicle for Bitch-duty Parts haulin for the winter :)

The Truck is really in amazing condition all around, especially considering it being an IL/WI vehicle with over 100k, albeit barely.

Specs are as follows:

5 Speed Manual
VERY CLEAN Gray/Black Cloth Interior
Newer Lower Control Arm Bushings (2000miles ago, NO WOBBLE!)
Newer Rear Shocks (replaced with LCA bushings)
Burns Absolutely NO oil, gets resonable MPG (I get 18 or so daily driving mostly around town/county trunk roads), and is probably the most reliable and care-free vehicles I have ever owned. You could probably cut the hood release cable and drive it for the next 5 years without worry. NOth that I recomend it, but it has been that solid for me. Drives just as it should and is plenty stout.

JVC KD-SH707 CD/MP3 Deck
DD Audio W6.5" Mids w/ Polk/MOMO tweeters in front
Infinity Kappa 62.5i in rear doors
US Acoustics USX-4065 powering all 4 corners, located in rear tool tray under the carpet. Stealthy and functional.

There are a few minor things with the car which I want to address to get out of the way... Nothing major, but imperfections nonetheless.
-Step Rails are rusted out underneath
-Windshield has a large crack, but is right near the lower cowl, and does not disrupt vision while driving.
-Small corrosion bubbles on the rear bumper caps (can be fixed by request if necessary. This is not part of the body and is an EASY fix.)
-No Spare wheel
-Antenna only Goes 3/4 of the way down, but still goes up well.

REFLECTION OFF OF HOOD!!!!!!!!! Youve never seen a Pathy this clean ! :)

I would love to trade for a nice condition P10 in the same condition
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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